I listened to Vixy & Tony's new CD We Are Who We Are and here is my one sentence review: EVERY TRACK IS REALLY GREAT!!!
- Angelica Sather Hodgetts

Upcoming Shows
Sat Nov 10, Portland
Orycon 2018

Upcoming Shows
Sat, Nov 10, 2018 6:00pm
Orycon 2018 Orycon 2018
Portland, OR
Vixy & Tony can sometimes be found at events such as:
Late January Fri-Sun
Conflikt SeaTac, WA
Early March Fri-Sun
Consonance San Jose, CA
April Fri-Sun
Norwescon SeaTac, WA

How to be notified of upcoming Vixy & Tony appearances:

Booking Vixy & Tony:

If you have a venue that you think would be a good place for us to perform our music, or if you need to reach us for any reason at all, please contact us at tfabris@gmail.com.

If you're contacting us about a possible booking, we've got a loose, informal, work-in-progress rider document available that you might want to skim. Just suggestions in there: Not mandatory.

Live recordings, photos, videos, parodies, and cover songs:

Click here for our policy.

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