Vixy & Tony can be reached at That email goes to Tony, who can forward to the other band members as needed.

Social Media

Although we maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, we prefer that you contact us via email for the greatest chance of getting a response. If you try to tweet at us or facebook at us (is that what you kids call it?), we might not get the message right away, or at all. So, in summary: Email Good.


For information about where to download our music, head to the Music Page. If you want to be a distributor of our albums, email us at

Shows, Schedules, and Booking

For information about our current upcoming shows, and for ways to get informed automatically about our upcoming shows, have a look at the Schedule Page.

If you're contacting us about a possible booking, we've got a loose, informal, work-in-progress rider document available. It's not legalese, rather, it's just some guidelines about what we need in order to do a gig. Nothing in there is set in stone, we really can play just about anywhere, but everything in there is something that has gone wrong at a gig before at least once. So if you want us to come play for you, the best results will be obtained if you skim that first, before emailing us at

Our policy on live recordings, photos, and videos:

Yes please! Be our guest! As long as it's not for your profit, of course. If you come to one of our shows and capture our likenesses in pictures, video, or audio, all we ask is that you please:

If you make a full concert video, we'd appreciate a couple of burned DVD copies if you can, and if it's really good, we'd like to discuss the possibility of offering it up for an Interfilk auction or something similar. If you think your video is auction-quality, then don't post it on the internet; hang on to it and let us know about it.

Our policy on covers or parodies of our songs:

Yes please! Be our guest! If it's a not-for-profit situation, for example, if you are covering one of our songs in a live performance, a Youtube video, or for educational or instructional purposes, just go for it. Give us proper credit of course. If there is video or audio available, then post it on the internet and let us know about it, using all the same guidelines we listed above about live recordings.

If your cover is for-profit, for example, you're putting it on an album that will be sold for a profit, please contact us at with all the details, so we can give you explicit permission in an email and work with you on the how to share the profits, if any. We likely won't ask for any money unless you're going to make a ton of money on the project and you'll have some to spare. Please note that some of the songs we play aren't ours to license. We pay license fees for our covers (usually paid via Harry Fox Agency, Songfile, or a similar agency); for those you'll have to do the same. If you're specifically doing a cover of our cover, please also contact us directly to avoid any bad feelings.

Parodies are fair game to us, have at it, and send it to us so we can enjoy it too.