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Ladies Don't Do Those Things
by Michelle Dockrey

I was born of a storm as my kind tend to be
But I'd never look more than mere woman to thee
For "woman" in this world means captive and slave
But freedom's the power that my heritage gave

'Twas in my first lifetime it came to a head
When the man I called father would force me to wed
"But it's travel I want, and to see the wide world!"
I still hear him now, saying

"Ladies don't do those things!"
Ah, no they don't, but then dragonets do!
"Stay hidden 'til nightfall, and I'll come for you."
And when he awoke, missing Mother and I
He never did think to look up to the sky.
What had married him, he never knew.

Now the Circle grows stronger as time rushes by
For the centuries pass in the blink of an eye
So my sisters and I saw the Kings come and go
'Til a Queen came to pow'r it was worthy to know

When I and my kind offered aid to the Queen,
To glean information as travelers unseen,
The men of her cab'net were shocked and appalled
And spluttered and stalled, saying

"Ladies don't do those things!"
Ah, no they don't, but then little birds do!
I suppose you'd say that to Elizabeth, too?
Well she never resented the help that we gave
Perhaps you'd have rather seen England enslaved?
You'd allies that you never knew.

Now in lifetimes, you see, we all wed now and then
So to blend unsuspected among mortal men
And when the New World sang its pleasures unknown
'Twas still a rare woman could live on her own.

He was decent enough, but society-bred
With ideas of obedient wives in his head
I'd go out unescorted to visit my kin
As my husbands before him, said

"Ladies don't do those things!"
Ah, no they don't, but then summer winds can
And the fire that warms you can burn in your hand.
We'll meet on the hilltops, and when we are through,
We'll tend to your hearths as we've promised to do
Just don't ask too much, my good man.