So many acoustic groups have "produced" albums that just sound like a mess. Thirteen doesn't have a wasted note or beat. Not a one. Even songs that have been recorded live before, like Persephone (which has been a playlist staple of mine for three years now) sounds like it should have always sounded the way it sounds now. That's hard to do.
- Adam Selzer

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by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris

      Vocal: Michelle Dockrey
      Guitars: Tony Fabris
      Bass: Chris Clark
      Drums: Scott Irwin

Every sea dog has a story of the one that got away
How in spite of all his efforts he just couldn't make her stay
But there's a tale you'll never hear from any fisherman you've met
It's the story of the lover that he's made himself forget

They were only pencil sketches, all the fantasies we chased
Step right up if you can see me; I'm the one that got erased

Was she terrible to look on? Did you tremble to behold?
Did her shadow hide a monster, or a heart all black and cold?
Did she mock you, did she dare you, did she take away her hand?
Or was she simply something that you couldn't understand?

You can't hold a love together made of paper and of paste
Kiss my hand if you can see me; I'm the one that got erased
And you'll never hear the thunder down on ink-stained ocean floors
And the waves have dragged you under while I watched from helpless shores
Have you lost your sense of wonder?
Was it never really yours?

Creatures made of water to the ocean must return
Creatures made of sunlight don't intend it when they burn
But your eyes were never used to so much gazing out to sea
And you'd rather sink in shadows than think anymore of me

And I never did stop reading all the lines where they were traced
And there's no more record now of all the music that we faced
So the sets are all repainted, and the characters replaced
Call my name if you can see me; I'm the one that got erased
Sing my song if you can see me; I'm the one that got erased